Sunday Soul in Kenya

This past Sunday morning, I was brought to tears as I witnessed the congregation of Deliverance church worship Jesus. The energy and joyfulness expressed was absolutely beautiful.  As I closed my eyes and prayed, I could hear an unfamiliar language singing and yet I knew everything being said was praising God and pleasing Him. Rev. Charles Kenya reminded us what Habakkuk 3:18-18 says: That we rejoice even in times of difficulties because God provides us with strength by wrapping our feet in hinds’ material, allowing us to stand firm when we face turmoil. I am grateful for my new friendship with Stella who invited me to the service. Stella is a leader of WWANC, the organization WGC San Antonio partners with. I felt completely welcomed especially when they had me to speak to their congregation. I was able to introduce myself and explain the mission of our WGC Immersion team. I shared a little bit about my family and church back home. I let them know that they now have friends in San Antonio, Texas who will be praying for them. I met the Bishop’s wife who personally invited me, my husband, and my church family back to the church anytime we wish. This will definitely not be my last visit to Deliverance.
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Author: Brandy Weitzel, MA, LPC


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