Month: July 2014

Arts/ETSY Workshop

Our youngest volunteer,Marisol, age 15, introduced the art of recycling water bottles into objects like flowers, plant holders, etc. to an audience of almost 30 women.  She did such a great job and her ideas were received with great enthusiasm.  Even when the lights went out, she handled it so well and others jumped in to hold up lights from their phones.  The women also learned a little bit about how to market the products they make on the Internet or in other ways.  Now today we will have a Networking workshop where Barb and Zaina will talk about how to expand a business with products like the ones they made in the workshop yesterday.  And Alison (Whittemore) will show them how to make crocheted handbags from recycled plastic bags for fun and profit.  The ideas are flowing…Arts workshop (1) Arts workshop (2) arts workshop 3

Solar House Presentation Was Quite A Success

PW women attend the Solar Workshop at University Dr. Alison Whittemore presented the process of how students built the Solar House at the University of the Incarnate Word to 145 eager engineering students and others at the Universidad del Santa.  She emphasized not only the technical aspects but the importance of good management and communication. Most of all she was a wonderful example of a knowledgeable and personable female professional engineer/professor to the mostly male audience.  Tessa Cornally, Incarnate Word Missionary, diligently translated.  “Los Dos Doctora Alisons” shared the stage to share about WGC and UIW and to present gifts to the Universidad del Santa and Dr. Risco. Some of the Pushaq Warmi women attended as well.  Alison’s next solar presentation will be in the Costa Blanca sand dunes community to demonstrate and explain the basic use of solar energy stoves and lanterns.  Lots of good questions from the audience.  We are all hopeful that another collaboration to benefit the rural and poor communities near Chimbote began this week.    solar 1 solar 2 solar 4

PreSchool Visit Day and Nuevo Chimbote

School visit in Constructiones ZoneTessa, Leti, Ana, and Barbara went to the only school open today in the Constructione Zone. The families were congregating awaiting their new lot assignments so only 6 of the 15 4 yr olds were at school. This school was approx 16×16 sq ft. The young teacher Beatrice worked well with the children and was very interested in the activities we did with the children.  The conditions in this area are very poor and children sometimes come to school hungry.  There were few supplies for the school.  The teacher has had to relocate twice and has had her supplies stolen a couple times. Leti did the number game with fishing that the kids loved. Ana did a color recognition game with colored tissue paper that the kids glued onto matching paper. Barb did a 4 station obstacle course, follow the leader game.  We met the other WGC volunteers except Zaina who was in her element with Jackie (Incarnate Word Missionary with the Hospicio Santiago) going to visit 5 hospice patients in their homes.  We predict she’ll be a great doctor and we will all say we knew her when…Lunch in Nuevo Chimbote and then some went to get ready for Alison’s afternoon workshops with Pushaq Warmi on their group development and learning some new tools for training other women in the community -they want to expand their community presence and service.   

Radio Santo Domingo

Today, 4 volunteers are with the Incarnate Word missionary (Tessa) visiting preschools to assess needs for planning more workshops for teachers and parents and further developing the Early Childhood Education project.  Meanwhile, 5 others are with the other missionary (Ada) as we participate with the women of Pushaq Warmi in their weekly radio program.  Later, we will all meet and support the women and Maria Felix-Ortiz as she conducts training for them on aspiration and motivation.  A great and fun first work day.  Everyone is gracious and delightful!