Month: May 2018

Sea Lion boat tour in Chimbote

Yesterday on May 30th, 2018, four of us as well as our missionary friend, Selena, embarked on a Sea Lion tour in Nuevo Chimbote. Our tour guide, Monica, was very kind and told us that we were her most recent American tour group since 2015.

The tour was held in a fisherman’s boat and the two men sailing the boat were named Freddy and Santos. Freddy told us that he has been a fisherman for 14 years and Santos has been for about 30 years now. Their lives revolve around fishing, they wake up for work and eat a big breakfast and go to fish at 6am. Their shifts do not end until 3pm and they only have time to have fruit for snacks in the small breaks they have.

The boat tour was a bit more rough than what was expected due to the waves, but nonetheless it was an adventure for all of us. We saw beautiful wildlife, like Sea Lions, that came to this part of beach on their own. That area where the Sea Lions lived was called “Los Loberas” and it was so fascinating to see Sea Lions living free in their own habitat.

Here are some additional photos taken on the boat tour:

On our way to and from the boat tour, we had noticed that the road that took us to the water was not paved and had trash on the edges of the road. Monica, our tour guide, informed us that the local government in Chimbote did not give funding to this part in Nuevo Chimbote. As she was explaining the circumstances, I expected her to get upset and curse whoever was in office, but she told us a very positive view on the trash and its purpose there. She told us two good things the trash is beneficial for: creating jobs for people to sort through and clean the trash as well as it creates habitation for animals in the area. Monica’s response was positive, we were enlightened that she chose to see the good in such a negative situation.

Photos and Article by: Sarah Duffy


Arrival in Chimbote, Peru

On May 29th, 2018, us Peru travelers left Lima on an 8 hour bus ride to Chimbote to begin their projects.

We will be working on three different missions in Chimbote, those projects include: Installing water filters in local schools while also educating the parents and children of the school about the filtering process, painting a specially designed mural in a local elementary school and several business projects for strengthening the the bonds between WGC and Peru’s Pushaq Warmi business organization. We are looking forward to the work we will do and the memories we will make with the people we meet here in Peru!

Here are some additional photos taken by Sarah Duffy, a fellow Peru traveler, on the bus ride from Lima to Chimbote: