Wonderful Welcome Dinner with Pushaq Warmi

20190518_213102In case your Quechua is not good, Pushaq Warmi means “Guiding Women” and these women of Chimbote certainly guided us to a good time! We enjoyed the lovely home of Maribel and her family.   Family 20190518_193005.jpgThis women’s association  has been encouraging and empowering women for over seven years ever since they began with education in the face of domestic violence. Not only have they helped women’s small business projects, they use radio and television to educate others. Women’s Global Connection and Pushaq Warmi are good partners uniting in mission.  One of their members noted, “When you help a woman, you are helping a whole family.” Not only are these women competent professionals, wives, and mothers, they are also dancers and poets.20190518_19151620190518_192541We were entertained with Peruvian folk music and an original performance poem, compassionate writing about a sick child.20190518_193938All enjoyed a lovely dinner with toasts and laughter.Dinner 20190518_193802.jpgThen things got wild and wonderful as more entered the dance! Ashley 20190518_212344.jpg


20190518_212540We wouldn’t leave without getting some of their beautiful handicrafts. Loan a woman a little money for some cloth and thread and amazing things can be created.  20190518_205601

Bienvinedos 20190518_205326.jpg



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