Last two days of work in Kakamega


The last two days in Kakamega have been filled with emotion to say the least. Yesterday we had the opportunity to go visit the school which WGC had donated a rainwater harvester to. This is also the same school WGC helped WWANC build the bathrooms, or pit toilets. There are about 600 students at this school with about 35 faculty. Today we also went to school in Kakamega but it was in a very impoverished region. Rose informed us that WGC has helped the women from the Matoyi Vision group build their confidence and start their businesses. We were very impressed with their hard work and progress! It was an emotional day since none of us want to leave but we can’t wait to continue to monitor their progress!

AS of today, WGC interacted with the BUWEA women, WWANC, Heikima School. There was a total of 16 groups, 43 workshops, and 1,560 participants (and hundreds more kids). This number does not reflect all the projects and parishes visited. What an incredible trip!


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