Women’s Empowerment Kenya Style

We’ve had 2 more days of workshops with a total of 70 plus women in 3 different women’s groups being assisted by WWANC and WGC. Each day we start with a 90 minute super bumpy ride to reach our destination which is often a church who provides the space. The houses are much more spread out than in Bukoba so it’s easier to find a more centralized venue. As always the women greet us with singing and dancing, deep appreciation, and their hunger and thirst for knowledge they can use to improve their individual and group businesses. Our BUWEA co-trainers add a lot to these workshops. The face of poverty is very real here, yet the women and their families are benefiting so much from their own hard work and the training, microloans and other support they receive. Here’s the quick version of one group’s business. From farm products to funds set aside to buy chicks – sell the chicks that survive – buy goats – sell one to invest in a farm – harvest and store Maize but it was a bad year so they had to sell the Maize (corn) at a loss. Now thinking about planting sugar cane and are raising chickens again. Phew! But they never give up and some of their projects do pay off. Their record keeping training from WWANC along with the WGC training, BUWEA and other partners are making a difference!


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