Milling Machine and New Charcoal Machine in Kitwe

The BUWEA milling machine area has really developed with activity generated by the machine. This is one of the few milling operations in the area that has done well … due to the great management! Glad to see the workers are now wearing the ear protection and face masks. Learned this time that one of the first BUWEA members, Theodicia, provided the property for the machine. Many people come to grind soy, corn, bananas, and cassava into flours. The new charcoal machine, donated by WGC supporters, is near the milling machine. Ground up paper is brought from the BUWEA office here. The machine makes charcoal bricks, they dry for 2 days and then are sold in small bags. Fires from charcoal are not only cheaper than using firewood but also much cleaner. We were honored to meet Joyce Kayoza, the Executive Officer of this Ward. She thanked WGC for supporting BUWEA and asked us to continue and we asked her to continue with government support. To be continued on Monday and then Tuesday we head to Kenya!

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