A Day in Katoke Village

How do you sum up an 8 hour day filled with a beautiful drive into the hills, Lake Victoria views as we drove to our destination where 96 women from villages throughout the hillside waited anxiously to welcome us with open arms, song and dance? We later found out that several women and their church priest paddled a boat for 1.5 hours from one of the 11 islands tucked out in the Lake Victoria, to spend the day with us listening to our workshops on stress management, leadership, networking, and menstrual cups. This audience sat quietly for more than 4 hours with their full attention on our presentations. They are among some of the newer BUWEA members from outlying parishes whose priests are collaborating with BUWEA to support the women.

Wrapped up the long day “in the “field” giving out certificates and celebrating with the women who individually one by one showered us with gifts of home grown produce. Later we enjoyed some down time having fun meeting some of the locals.

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