Mural Project

Us Peru travelers came to a preschool in a local neighborhood in Chimbote called Santo Domingo. We worked all day June 4th and June 5th to complete this project. Our two mural artists were one of our very own, Elena Venezuela and a local Chimbote artist named Richard Jon Castañeda Estrada.

We came to the school and we were greeted by Promotora (Teacher), Evelyn. She was very warm and made sure we had food for every meal. We were humbled by that gesture because the school we were in was in a lower socioeconomic rated neighborhood. So even though they did not have a lot, they still felt it was important to share what they did have with us.

The night before we came by to paint, Evelyn and some of the other parents helped clear the room and gave us bowls so we can pour our paint in to. Elena and Richard started to plan out their mural as the rest of us began to repaint the walls in the classroom to make it look like a brand new room.

The water system they had shut off at 1pm every day, but they made sure to put aside water for us to wash our hands and to clean our supplies with.


One mural project turned in to two brand new murals and a freshly painted classroom. We were delighted to help out in any way we could in order to make it a warmer environment for the children and staff at this school.

Article by: Sarah Duffy


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