Water Filtration Workshop

On June 1st, we hosted a water filtration workshop for local pre-school teachers at the Centro Cultural Centenario, 36 women were present. The workshop started with a presentation by a Santa Clara Clinic Nurse, Vanessa Ugas. The presentation was over the importance of hand washing, she even gave demonstrations on proper hand washing. She also shared important tips on cleanliness of every day living and outdoor bathrooms.

After that, other San Antonio local missionaries named Juan, Selena and Edith gave a presentation on how to assemble the water filters WGC provided for these women.

Everyone on the trip was present at this workshop and walked around to assist the women learning about the water filtration process. After the presentations ended, Dr. Alfredo Ortiz and his associate, Juan Carlos, held a Q&A session to collect any concerns the women had about the water filters. The women at the workshop were very eager to learn about the process and had great questions/insights about this project.

The workshop concluded with an activity hosted by our Peru travelers, Edith and Vivian on raising awareness of how quickly germs can spread. The women formed a circle and closed their eyes. Two women were chosen and had lotion and glitter that they rubbed on their hands, they were told to not tell anyone else they had the glitter. After the women opened their eyes, they were told to go around and shake hands with three other people. When they got back in to the circle, they were asked to show their hands to see who else had glitter on their hands. After those three interactions each of the women had, 28 out of the 36 women had glitter on their hands. That represented how quickly germs can spread to a vast amount of people if you are not cautious about washing your hands.

A lot of great lessons were learned during this workshop and the women showed their gratitude with their warm smiles and thank you’s. After the workshop ended, each women took home a bucket for their water filters to have in their classroom and were given a certificate of completion for this workshop.

Photos and article by: Sarah Duffy


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