Clinic Tour in Chimbote

On May 31st, us Peru travelers went to go tour Centro Médico Especializado (Specialized Medical Center) Santa Clara clinic that previous Incarnate Word Sisters help start up over 50 years ago. This clinic is for smaller emergencies, consultations and psychological care. It is unique in this area because they are more emphatic towards the people of Chimbote, they care for everyone here not matter which social class there are in. The clinic’s director, Sister Maria, “We treat everyone the same here, the woman that comes in with sandals gets the same service as the woman that comes with her own vehicle.”

This clinic is different from its competition because of the certain care they give their patients. For instance, most prices for consultations for other clinics vary between 80-100 soles and this clinic charges about 20-30 soles for a consultation. Here at Santa Clara, they do not turn away customers that cannot pay for care either. Sister Maria told us that on average, 250 people can pay for the expenses and 290 cannot.

This clinic is for smaller cases, health consultations and psychological care. That means that if a patient needs more care for a greater emergency, they are advised to not come here. But if they do, they will be stabilized here and someone at the clinic will call a cab to take the patient to a hospital. Santa Clara clinic does not have any ambulances at the time, but they are saving up to have some in the future.

The community at Santa Clara is strong and very warm, they even receive outside help from neighboring towns. When they need more help, specialty doctors from towns hours away come in to volunteer their time. Santa Clara Clinic also believes in helping the people that are unable to be transported to the clinic. Every so often, they mobilize some nurses and doctors in smaller mobile medical trucks to give out free consultations all around town and surrounding neighborhoods. Overall, we enjoyed our time meeting the staff at Santa Clara Clinic and their generosity has really made a positive impact on their community as a whole by treating every patient as the same.


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