Saying our Goodbyes for Now


Sunday, July 23 …Today the leader of BUWEA, Regina, took us to her home.  There are so many memories of being on that porch with her husband Sebastian, Sr. Dot, Patricia Lieveld, and so many other WGC volunteers.  We also had a wonderful lunch at Rachel’s home.  Her children Elizabeth and Gary joined us.  It was a great time to visit, share memories, and so many stories of empowerment in families and the community. The reality of packing and the long journey has hit us.   We must say goodbye to our collaborators and friends for now but we are always together in our hearts (and online)! Next, we look forward to Regina and her daughter Selva joining us in San Antonio for the OCTOBER 12 WGC Gala – Women in the Changing World of Work.  We hope many, many WGC friends and supporters will join us for that important event and the words these ladies will share with us.  Afterword:  Tere (San Antonio) and Faith (New York) both arrived safely home Tuesday night, July 25.  Tere will be sharing more from their trip with all of us this fall.



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