Soy Farm Visit and New Group Workshops

Saturday morning (22nd) began with a trip to the BUWEA soy farm.  Soy was harvested during May and June but the women never waste time nor space.  They are planting cassava, corn, pumpkins and spinach.  Faith and Tere had a great time watching a demonstration on how to remove cassava from the ground.

We worked in the office before going to the Bookstore to buy items for the WGC Gala.  There was no time for lunch as we went directly into leading our Opportunity for Women workshop held at our hotel.  This is a relatively new group of women, relatives of the Hekima students, seeking to become more empowered and to help empower other women.  Twenty-six members came to learn basic business skills and relationship management.  Many of them had not been to a structured learning opportunity in years. The women said they appreciated the examples and local knowledge we possess as a result of our regular visits.  WGC is encouraged to keep collaborating with them.

The evening culminated with our traditional dinner at the beach with our BUWEA leaders.  Also today we received great feedback from the workshops with the children and their teachers from the Childcare Center.  Some went home to ask to have their own toothbrush and told their parents they needed to brush after every meal.  Another one was telling his sister he had his very own toothbrush now.  Things that may seem small to us are often much bigger, even transformational here.


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