Special Memories of Dr. Lieveld

On Monday morning July 17, we held the traditional candle blessing ceremony with our BUWEA friends followed by a heartfelt ceremony for Dr. Patricia Lieveld.  Faith Myers, Patricia’s sister and immersion trip volunteer, led the procession accompanied by nineteen BUWEA women.  She fulfilled her promise to her beloved sister to place her ashes next to a rainwater harvester.  The rainwater harvester site and memorial were built at the BUWEA soy plant to honor Dr. Patricia’s memory.  Known here as Mama Maji (Mama Water), Patricia taught at the University of the Incarnate Word, one of WGC’s key partners.  She traveled with WGC to Bukoba multiple times and worked tirelessly to partner with BUWEA on solutions for the water access and sanitation issues.  She gave her funds, her guidance and much inspiration to the project, now named the Lieveld Rainwater Harvester Project.  After the women learned how to build the rainwater harvesters, they built the first one in 2012.  There are now over 35 of them in various village locations, each with its own neighborhood BUWEA member manager.  Patricia’s wonderful legacy will live on with many families and communities.

We also held the first training session in business entrepreneurship at the Soy Processing Plant.  It was attended by 19 members who have obtained micro-loans through the SACCOS account to start a small business.   The women discussed the importance of quality, presentation, and consistency, keeping in mind that we do not need invent something out of the ordinary to start our own business.

“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success.” – Henry J. Heinz


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