Our Day at Hekima Girls School

Last Tuesday, we went to Hekima Secondary School to begin our three workshop sessions in the library built by SHARE.  Fifteen teachers including Sr. Vestina and Sr. Prima attended Managing Conflict, Games in Learning, and the Bloom’s Taxonomy classes to enhance their professional teaching and relationships skills.

Afterwards, we surveyed the damage inflicted by the earthquake.  We visited the dining hall, the classrooms, and the administrative office where we signed the guest book.  It was painful to see the cracked floors, walls and ceilings in dire need of repair.  Yet, the love and pride were evident everywhere through the polite welcoming smiles of the Hekima students and their determined teachers.

We walked to the new construction site for dorms, and to the guest house and sisters’ residence.  The scenery was breathtaking. There were flowers, vegetables and trees along the pathway.  At the end of the day, we walked two miles to the main road to get our taxi cab.  The road was closed due to scheduled repairs.  We were elated to see our driver waiting for us in the dark!


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