Busy and Fun Days in Bukoba

Regina and Juma picked Faith and Tere up at the Kyanyl Resort and Rest House on Sunday morning. Our goal was to go to the Bukoba market to buy ingredients for the cooking class to be held at the BUWEA Bakery.  We are also planning to cook alphabet soup for the children of the childcare center on Friday. It will be a fun way to learn letters while enjoying a delicious meal. The market is a busy hub in the center of the city where we can find colorful fabrics and just about every ingredient needed to make our recipes. Regina is helping us select prime bananas for the cooking class. The price of bananas went up after last year’s drought. Bukoba’s population continues to grow and expand despite the devastating earthquake of September 9, 2016. The effects of the earthquake are evident everywhere, cracks in most buildings, construction materials everywhere and sites under reconstruction. Progress is slow but it’s happening.         Faith and Tere also had fun on Sunday preparing colored rice for the Sensory Tub exercise for the children of the Childcare Center. The Center was built by the BUWEA leaders to offer much needed child care services to their members and members of the community. It is one of the few childcare centers in the region.  Child rearing responsibility is beginning to change as people move away from family members, and older siblings attend school. There are 35 children in the center, which is the maximum.

The Sensory Tub is an activity that stimulates the young child’s senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and sound. It facilitates exploration while playing, creating and investigating. WGC prepared this exercise to help young children learn with all their senses, develop fine-motor muscles, language, improve focus and concentration and experience play based learning.  The children’s first reaction to the sensory tub was cautious. Initially, the teacher had to guide a little boy’s hand into the tub to begin exploration.

They cautiously sorted through the tub while answering questions related to the exercise. Their teacher graciously translated the lesson. Once they figured out the sensory tub, the children used every sense, motor-skill and emotion to enjoy the fun experience.

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