First days in Lima with 10 trooper travelers!

Day 1 PeruKarissa Rangel

It didn’t take long to notice that we weren’t in San Antonio anymore. Sure the language and money changed inside Lima’s airport, but we were the same group of Texans seated tightly against each other in the bustling streets of Peru’s capital city as we made our way down the coast by nightfall to our hotel in the Miraflores area.

The journey was complete and we were ready to start early the next morning, although sleepily. Our tour guide for the day, Natalie, met us bright and early in the hotel lobby with her smile and outstanding English. Boarding the van, we set off to our jam-packed day.  

Watching as people made there way to work, the streets of Lima were more alive–and louder– than the night before. 

Natalie took us through the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology first to teach us the history of Peru. She walked us through the nomadic tribes of Peru and agriculture societies, showing us the rituals around death, “mummy bundles” in cave tombs with precious adornments and containers. She pointed out that many were placed in the fetal position because of the belief that humans could be “born again” into the afterlife. This was even before Christ.

From there we visited the Santa Rosa Church, a familiar name to the group, before settling near Plaza de Armas Lima for lunch; ceviche and chicha morada para los todos. 

Together we traced the feminine histories of people like Teresa of Avila and Rose of Lima and noted that four times as many men than women have been named as saints in all of Catholic history.

“Come on! Are men really four times holier than women?!” Said Sister Martha Ann. 

Ending the day with a tour of the cathedral and the Santo Domingo Monastery, we were presented with beauty left and right. 

God’s presence was here with us on this trip, brining us safe travels, knowledge and friends and new experiences. The cathedral had a larger than life crucifix with Christ on it. His pain struck me. Because of it We were all alive. Through the sacrifice of family, and even of ourselves, we were all on this trip. Through his blessing we were brought together to help women through Women’s Global Connection. 


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