Hospicio and a Walk in the Plaza

The day started with Fr Clemente saying Mass at the house of the CCVI sisters. It was a wonderful start to the trip as we reflected on the daily gospel and our purpose here. 

The group then followed Hermana Mirella to the Hospicio. She gave a tour and explained the updates of the Sistema de Salud. 

Then the afternoon was spent preparing for the workshops tomorrow. The bulk of the workshops will be during the day from 9a – 3p, definitely a busy day. 

Before dinner we took a walk to the plaza where we discovered it was World AIDS Awareness day. The community hospital laid out their AIDS quilt and had an uplifting dance performance. It was a fitting end to our day as it reminded us of the mission of the CCVIs to serve the community during healthcare crisis and beyond. 

The day ended with dinner at Mar y Luna with the women of Pushaq Warmi. 23 of us sat together and caught up on family and friends. It was a wonderful end to a busy day. Although tomorrow promises to be even busier!


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