Immersion travelers arrive in Peru!


The WGC Peru Immersion trip team has arrived safe and sound. It was a joy being reunited with the Incarnate Word Missionary, Selena Mitchell, who works on our community projects here. She was in Lima completing her residency status paperwork. It was extra joyful for traveler Clara Mitchell to meet up so early with her daughter! Day 1 was spent running errands in Lima, exchanging money, setting local phones – and of course grabbing a great meal; that first plate of ceviche is always so good. Early the next day, Wednesday, we boarded the bus to Chimbote. The daytime bus is great to take to see the glorious coastline of Peru, which you get to see plenty of during the 7 hour ride.


We arrived and checked into Hotel Vertiz at about 8pm. We shared quick introductions with other Incarnate Word missionaries, Diane, Mark, and Juan. Then settled in for a good rest. Tomorrow will start early!






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