Farewell for Now

It is time for WGC staff and volunteers to wrap up this particular edition of the travel blog for a 2-part Africa immersion trip over the past month. In mid July, Dr. Neeta Singh and Nutrition graduate student Maeycela Barrons worked with the BUWEA women on child nutrition training and food planning for the new Child Care Center. In Part 2, WGC Assoc. Director Alison Buck and dedicated volunteers Barb Kelly, Jonathan & Sylvia Hardy, and Elaine Talarski learned so much about the lives, concerns, priorities and projects of BUWEA women in Tanzania and WE-CAN women in western Kenya. We gathered data especially about our new partnership with WE-CAN and we all conducted trainings for capacity building of the wonderfully capable and motivated women we met. They indicated that our presence and our words helped to encourage them. They certainly inspired us! In addition, we spent time at Hekima Secondary School in Bukoba teaching the girls and a new mom’s group about entrepreneurship. We came away with many ideas on next steps and needs to be addressed. In the process we learned much from one another and became a better team.  The BUWEA women continue to advance and became resources for others we met. Some pretty cool guys helped us in our travels and visits too. We’re grateful to report that 5 of our 7 travelers to Africa are safely home while the last two will return next week. If you are thinking you might be interested in next summer’s immersion trips, either to Peru or Africa, watch for information and meeting dates later this fall.


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