Monday Aug 8

Happy Birthday, Regina! Our first stop was the soy factory where 30 moms and future moms heard and saw Sylvia’s presentation on Menstrual Health and Pad Making. They were very interested in how the reusable product could improve their lives and asked great questions. In the afternoon Regina took us to Kabale to visit the milling machine and several of the new rain harvesters built with funds from WGC supporters. The women who watch over the rain harvester at each site take their responsibility seriously. The next rainy season is just starting now so soon the users can have more water when they come. Having clean water close to home makes a huge difference. All of the women have multiple home based businesses such as animals, growing vegetables or other projects and they work amazingly hard. Seeing one home with a new pit latrine and beside it what the family used before was very eye opening. Many of these seemingly small changes allow them to improve their homes and pay school fees for their children to attend school. These women are so inspiring!


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