Two Days at Hekima

Fri and Sat were busy and fruitful days for us at Hekima Girls Secondary School where we conducted starting a business and menstrual health workshops for girls and a fledgling women’s (moms) group called Opportunity for Women – this is part of Hekima’s mission. Girls and women very inspiring, fun and interested to grow their capacities. Many future opportunities here as we continue to partner with Hekima and have BUWEA as a resource for the moms. The continuing progress of the school is amazing along with great needs they have. Humor for Sat night – taxi back from Hamptons restaurant (thanks Neeta and Marycela – Simon was great!) thought we wanted to go to the Walkgard on the hill rather than in town. So we had a little night tour – seems like most of the cabs routinely drive with the gas gauge on Empty. But we made it safely. Rain is not common this time of year but it rained both days and no electricity most of yesterday. Still we managed to lead workshops and to realize even more how many people cannot take electricity for granted. (Posting text first, then will try pics separately so at least you get some new news)!


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