The Farm

BUWEA store front

Yesterday we visited the BUWEA office, store front, and farm.

The farm sits on 50 acres, but only 10 acres are manageable due to limits set by lack of an irrigation system.

Originally the women and men worked on the side closest to the village jail, but moved the farm closer to the road for ease of transportation.

Men and women get stipends for their work and work for two days and are then rotated.  This is because of the distance from the city of Bukoba and thebvillages and also because it discourages people from setting fire to the crops.

Consulata has been an asset to BUWEA.  Everytime a new set of women go to the farm ahe is there to greet them and assure that they are comfortable.

The community around the farm has been helpful as well.  Officers from the jail buy the soy milk and yogurt and one of the officers helped set the beds at farm.

When we returned from the farm Dr. Singh met with the agriculture director to see how far along the list the farm is from receiving an irrigation system.  It was a good meeting.


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