First Day in Bukoba

Howdy!  After 6 stops, 3 layovers, and one stalled taxi we made it to Bukoba!

Today we met with the women from BUWEA at the airport.  After settling in the hotel we all caravaned to the microfinancing meeting.  

The women at the meeting were welcoming and the message presented to the women was that the loans were not to be used for personal use, but for their businesses.  This has got to be tough but that’s what reminders are for.

At the meeting one of the local women brought their soy beans to sale.  BUWEA purchased the 25 kilos.

After the meeting there was an impromptu market.  The women brought their products.  There was dries fiah, vegetables, coffee beans, and BUWEA brought soy milk, soy yogurt, and cakes to sale. 

Now we are back at the hotel.  Charging up electronics and grabbing some dinner.

Tomorrow I will post again and share the stalled taxi story.   You don’t want to miss!



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