A serving of health

Who doesn’t like to eat food that’s guilt free and tastes good? That question was rhetorical, obviously. With the skills and talent of the UIW Nutrition department and WGC Volunteer Janie Mencey, all things are possible. 

They whipped up a healthy version of a banana pancake, or protein pancake, that consisted of only two ingredients: bananas and eggs. To add more sass, they topped the flap jacks off with chopped pineapple, but emphasized that any fruit would do.

The Pushaq Warmi group was delighted to learn about such a tasty, yet healthy recipe. They were provided a recipe and sample of course! 

Dr. Beth Senne-Duff emphasized the importance of calcium, iron, and protein, especially in the diet of a growing adolescent or teen. 

We had to bring a little bit of Tex-Mex to Peru, so Janie Mencey demonstrated a simple, yet healthy pico de gallo recipe. She used minimal salt and used the flavor of rocoto pepper, lime, and cilantro to make it ever so scrumptious. 


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