Radio Santo Domingo

Every Sunday at 9 a.m., Pushaq Warmi (PW) members Edit Oliva Flores and Ruth Castaneda Angeles conduct a radio show that airs on 102.1 FM and With the behind-the-scenes assistance of other PW members, the show airs live without a hitch. 

Their slogan translates to “A program for women and the whole family.” They open the show with a few jokes and some current events, but the meatiest part of the show is when they discuss issues important to women. 

This past Sunday they interviewed UIW professors Michael Forrest and Sara Jackson. They recorded the show live in their studio and aired information about upcoming WGC-sponsored workshops that are open to the public later this week. 

Topics discussed included International Business, Tips for Small Businesses, and Starting A New Business. The show wrapped up with recordings of various public opinions on why Peruvians are willing to spend more money on international music acts, but my favorite part  of the show was when they dedicated Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time” to us!


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