Pushaq Warmi: Behind the Scenes

We were excited to travel to Pushaq Warmi member Mari’s house in Nuevo Chimbote where a Women’s Economic Development workshop on Quality Contol was conducted. 

After a tour of the Pushaq Warmi workrooms and multiple purchases of artisan goods, the workshop commenced. WGC Board Member and CPA Teryn Grater, alongside UIW Business Professors Sara Jackson and Michael Forrest, answered many of the groups questions through the translation of Ada Gonzalez. They also commended the group for the quality and authenticity of their products. 

After a beneficial discussion of topics such as product inventory, quality control, and cash flow, they broke up into smaller groups to have one-on-one conversations with the workshop conductors. 

Through the help of translators Valeria Evia and Janie Mencey, the women were able to have more personable discussions with the business experts as well as get feedback about their current methods and procedures. 

Janie poses with a handmade Pushaq Warmi apron that she purchased and plans on wearing to the cooking demo she will be presenting to them. 

A behind-the-scenes look at the Pushaq Warmi workroom where they make their magic. 


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