A day of ECE (early childhood education)

Today was the finish to a year long WGC ECE project. In January 2015, former Incarnate Word missionary, Tessa Cornally started the project of 6 workshops for early childhood educators of the preschool programs in Chimbote. Today was the sixth workshop. The project is now coordinated by present Incarnate Word missionary,  Nicholena Vranicar. The day’s logistics were perfectly executed thanks to her. 

Nichole Foy stepped in and presented the workshop planned by our volunteer, Lynda Cavazos.  She engaged everyone as they used their creative side to discover new activities for young children. Poems were written and sculptures were built. Nicole was assisted by Yolanda Martinez as her translator. Yolanda has spent the past two days translating for healthcare purposes, today she talked about stories and dancing. She is quite the young professional. 

 A second workshop was presented by Lisa Uribe. Participants learned about the benefits of self-directed learning. They left with 4 independent activities for their students. They also were given extra materials to create their own folder games and self checking activities. 

At the end of the day the group not only received a certificate, a teacher bag with tools but they also received a copy of the workshop manual. Nicholena coordinated and printed the manual containing the formats and handouts for all 6 workshops. The participants received it in Spanish. It was translated by our WGC friend Kim Kennedy. It will soon be on our website in Spanish and English.  

It was a fruitful ending to a wonderful year long project. We would like to thank Misean Cara for the grant which funded it and made it possible.  



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