Soy nugget production with the Buwea Bakery

The women entrepreneurs of Buwea have been so successful with their soy milk, flour, and yogurt products that they were looking to expand their offerings. Soy offers better nutrition and protein then the starchy cassava flour staple. Today, Dr. Neeta of UIW, known by the women as “Mama Soya,” and Elaine helped the women try out a soy protein meatless nugget.  Elaine, a retired nurse, expounded on nutrition concepts in another seminar.

Meanwhile Nicole and Jonathan were at Hekima today where Nicole conducted writing workshops for the older girls. They were so receptive and creative! One of their favorite exercises was when Nicole asked them to punctuate the following sentence to change its meaning:

“A women without her man is worth nothing.”


“A woman: without her, man is nothing.”



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