Learning from each other


 Elaine and Nicole traveled about 40 miles by very bumpy van from town to the remote small town of Kemondo, where we did some trainings on business and marketing. This was the first workshop so far this trip that men also attended! They said they were supportive of their wives working but some other of the women – when asked to list risks they might encounter in beginning or expanding a business – said their husbands saw their interests in outside work as a threat. This is a common refrain that Buwea leaders hear, yet they have a way of responding respectfully and continuing to be encouraging about a woman recognizing their own inherent worth.

Neeta worked today with the Hekima school girls on a study she is conducting about their nutrition and energy expenditures. She’s taking the height and weight of approximately 25 girls now. 

After our work, everyone gathered at Hekima for an amazing afternoon meal outdoors hosted by the school teachers and the indomitable headmistress Sr. Esther. She was so happy and effusive to show us the completed Hekima guest house designed by the husband of WGC Board Chair Carolin Sinkfeld!!! 

 After the meal, we danced and played games and received gifts. They are teaching us always-busy Americans about the value of truly appreciating friends by spending relaxed quality time together!



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