San Antonio Early Childhood Educators visit preschools

Today was another early morning start as we set out to visit early childhood education programs in the Chimbote area.  Ana DeHoyos-O’Connor of San Antonio College, Lori Falcon of The University of The Incarnate Word visited their colleagues’ programs. Incarnate Word missionary, Tessa Cornally led the way to our first stop at Mi Niño Jesus PRONEI in Chimbote. We took time to talk to program coordinator Elvira Ponce Cortez and classroom teacher Maribel Aguila. Then we went out to Nuevo Chimbote to see Pushaq Warmi member Edith Flores at her newly located PRONEI. By the end of our visits the sun was out in full force. We had a tasty midday meal “a la menu” a block from the Cathedral in Nuevo Chimbote. It was a full morning. 

(Forgive the artistic error toward the end 😏)


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