Pushaq Warmi Accounting Lessons

This afternoon, Professor JT Nelson took center stage to help deliver a lesson on the basics of accounting to the Pushaq Warmi women.  In his own words, “this is something that usually takes my students 6 weeks to get under wraps”; we were trying to help deliver the same general lesson in 2 hours.  Over the course of the lesson, looks of confusion gave way to looks of understanding and then to contemplation as the group began to take the next steps in applying what they’d learned to their own financial dealings.



With local student (Frank) translating, the message was delivered clearly in ways that were understood by all (even the supporting presenters and missionaries admitted to learning a few new things).  The lesson was a group effort all the way around.



After the presentation, the Pushaq Warmi group presented Professor Michael Forrest with a gift to recognize his donation and a card for both of the professors for the help that they’d delivered in their sessions this week.  The women will be following up periodically over the course of the coming year with progress reports (records and ledgers) to show that they’ve put the lessons imparted to good use.  With a bit of leg work, these general accounting lessons will hopefully be the building blocks of a successful and growing business venture.



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