On the Pushaq Warmi Radio Show

This morning (Sunday), Ada and Niki took JT and Michael to be interviewed live on the Pushaq Warmi radio show. The hosts asked JT a number of basic business questions and he was able to deliver answers that would be helpful not only for enterprising business owners in the area, but also for taking care of local family finances. Ada Gonzalez was handling the translation between the Pushaq Warmi women and JT and did a great job of making the transitions from question to answer seamless.



Back in the hotel, the remaining group experienced a brief internet outage. However, the hotel staff was nice enough to locate a radio and the group listened in (FM-102.1) to catch some of the live radio broadcast!

After the broadcast, the full group got together for a photograph to celebrate a job well done (and to shake off any remaining nervousness from the live, multi-lingual interview).



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