Arts/ETSY Workshop

Our youngest volunteer,Marisol, age 15, introduced the art of recycling water bottles into objects like flowers, plant holders, etc. to an audience of almost 30 women.  She did such a great job and her ideas were received with great enthusiasm.  Even when the lights went out, she handled it so well and others jumped in to hold up lights from their phones.  The women also learned a little bit about how to market the products they make on the Internet or in other ways.  Now today we will have a Networking workshop where Barb and Zaina will talk about how to expand a business with products like the ones they made in the workshop yesterday.  And Alison (Whittemore) will show them how to make crocheted handbags from recycled plastic bags for fun and profit.  The ideas are flowing…Arts workshop (1) Arts workshop (2) arts workshop 3


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