Solar House Presentation Was Quite A Success

PW women attend the Solar Workshop at University Dr. Alison Whittemore presented the process of how students built the Solar House at the University of the Incarnate Word to 145 eager engineering students and others at the Universidad del Santa.  She emphasized not only the technical aspects but the importance of good management and communication. Most of all she was a wonderful example of a knowledgeable and personable female professional engineer/professor to the mostly male audience.  Tessa Cornally, Incarnate Word Missionary, diligently translated.  “Los Dos Doctora Alisons” shared the stage to share about WGC and UIW and to present gifts to the Universidad del Santa and Dr. Risco. Some of the Pushaq Warmi women attended as well.  Alison’s next solar presentation will be in the Costa Blanca sand dunes community to demonstrate and explain the basic use of solar energy stoves and lanterns.  Lots of good questions from the audience.  We are all hopeful that another collaboration to benefit the rural and poor communities near Chimbote began this week.    solar 1 solar 2 solar 4


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