Early Childhood Education Workshop in Chimbote

Early Childhood Education Workshop in Chimbote

The WGC Early Childhood Education workshop took place on Tuesday, December 10th in the Centenario Cultural Center in Chimbote. The group was comprised of 11 participants from the Nuevo Chimbote area, three coordinators and eight preschool teachers.
The session was opened by Julia Hidalgo Vega, the director of the Santa Clara Clinic in Chimbote. She welcomed the WGC group and introduced Lisa Uribe, WGC Executive director, who facilitated the workshop with Tessa Cornally, IWM Missionary.
The day was composed of a mixture of presentations and interactive activities with the teachers. The first session explained the different stages of Piaget’s cognitive development for children from birth to 12 years of age. The use of videos seemed to help the teachers really visualize the different stages of development. The second session stressed the need that children need play and how developing children’s social skills plays a very important part in the preschool classroom. This sparked a discussion of how important the parent’s role is also in the child’s development and how they can work with the parents in the community.
The last session, after the morning break, focused on themes for project focused teaching. The teachers were asked to brainstorm different themes, and show how they would initiate them and put them into practice in their own classroom. The teachers got quite creative with the different themes and put their work up around the room. These themes were then mirrored by photos of classrooms in preschools in San Antonio and to see how the classroom can be organized to facilitate the preschool teacher’s work plan.
The day closed with a feedback session and lunch of rice, vegetables and chicken outside for all the participants under the shining sun! IWM Missionary, Tessa Cornally, will be in contact with these teachers over the coming months to develop these skills more and provide support with the Programme “Sembrando Infancia” from the Santa Clara Clinic.


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