Transition to next phase of immersion…

Transition to next phase of immersion...

The WGC team has wrapped up workshops with Pushaq Warmi and today we move to the part of the trip focused on furthering our early childhood teacher training program in Chimbote. Wi-Fi connections have been so spotty that posting regularly has been challenging — so this update will encompass the past few days.

During the marketing and branding workshops that WGC Associate Director Nicole Foy conducted, the women of Pushaq Warmi gave moving testimonies on their passion for leadership. They shared about their dream to reach out to other women who are marginalized or are victims of violence in Peru.

The group provided the WGC team with their own personal research to feed into the bakery business’ financial and logistical plans. One of their next steps is to develop and design a logo. Nicole led a brainstorming session where we discussed what makes a successful logo. We had fun looking at worldwide product brands that communicate their mission well and others that fail in doing so. Nicole explained that some of the most common mistakes organizations and companies make in designing their logos are: not knowing their business or products well enough; not having a simple enough logo concept; being “too busy”; choosing colors or fonts that don’t match the message they should communicate; etc…

Pushaq Warmi will work over the next several months with Incarnate Word missionary Ada Garza, who is in Chimbote for a two-year term, on actual realization of their business brand and logo. She will also work alongside the women in implementing their business and marketing plans while scaling up sales and their presence on Facebook.

After helping lead our exciting action day perfecting bakery products in the kitchen, WGC volunteer Anne Catherine Mora concluded her workshop sessions by focusing on nutrition. She explained the science behind how our bodies respond to healthy foods versus how they react to toxins in food and our environment. The women of Pushaq Warmi enjoyed learning about “The Golden Rules of Nutrition” – rules they will use in continuing to perfect the healthy, natural baked goods for their business. There are many products and organic foods available in Peru that contribute to health, so there is no need to use unnatural ingredients, Anne Catherine noted. Pushaq Warmi leaders said that since artificial preservatives will not be used, they continue to work on matching demand with product shelf life.

Finally, in a special ceremony at the local cultural center and library, the WGC team presented each of the women with certificates of completion for each of the workshops we conducted. We kissed and hugged our goodbyes, knowing that we will forever hold our shared experiences and love for one another in our hearts.


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