Peru volunteers visiting individual businesses

Peru volunteers visiting individual businesses

Peru immersion volunteers visit individual businesses to promote the learning and leadership capacity in Chimbote, Peru to create a more just global economy in association with Pushaq Warmi.


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  1. Nine women of the original 32 mothers are still operating a comedor popular (a low-cost soup kitchen operating as a for-profit restaurant) in the area of Nuevo Chimbote. They maintain a loyal client based that keeps them employed and affords them to individually grow their own separate businesses. Born of a government social program to subsidize food costs, the comedor serves a menu (prix fix) of an appetizer and an entreé for $3.5 soles or the equivalent of $1.42 USD. Twenty years later, the challenge they face is that the government no longer subsidizes the food purchases, but thier customers, like street cleaners or car washers still need a quick, healthy meal at a very low cost. Additionally, their commitment to the “cause” is not shared by the young women they try to hire to take over the restaurant and most are not prepared the long hours it requires to cook home-cooked meals from scratch with fresh ingredients.
    Over the course of a consultation with the WGC team and colleagues from Pushaq Warmi, the owners decide to adopt a few suggestions of improved signage, a new paint job with brighter colors and a slight price increase to adapt to changing needs and will consider hiring a part-time waitress during the lunch time rush to increase delivery time to give them the edge against their nearby competitors.


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